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90% of all resources used to spread the gospel are spent in places that have already have significant access to the gospel. So while it is true that there are many people in the United States that have chosen not to accept Jesus as Lord; there are millions, across the world who have never been given the choice at all.


The International Mobilization (IM) Team of the Evangelism Council is particularly concerned with reaching these unreached people.


The role of the IM Team is to mobilize the entire church to reaching the unreached. There are many ways that we can begin to reach unreached people. First, we pray. The 3rd Monday of every month we meet to pray for the missionaries that are giving their lives to share the gospel. IM Team will raise the awareness of the congregation by displays, newsletters, Mission Fellowships, and conferences. The IM Team will sponsor short term mission trips. IM Team will encourage members (especially young people) to be open to Mission as a vocation.


There are so many people to be reached, but with God nothing is impossible.

If interested please contact: David Perrin

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