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The Jerusalem Ministry is the aspect of our evangelistic efforts aimed at our local community—Greater Orlando area.  There are numerous methods we use to evangelize our local community.  Some are personal and direct, e.g. door-to-door visiting; others are indirect and less personal, e.g. billboards and radio commercials.  As a church we encourage all of our members to intentionally make an effort to share the gospel with family, friends and acquaintances. 


One of the distinctive features of the Jerusalem Ministry is that it can connect people with CGC as a church home.  In many cases, these people will need a good church home where they can be nurtured and discipled.  Since most of these people will be from the local area, CGC is a great option for them.


The Jerusalem Ministry is our primary and preferred method of adding members to the church.


Below are a few of the roles that comprise the Jerusalem Ministry:


Evangelists Graphic Artists
Decision Counselors Writers
Commercial Producers Event Planners

If interested please contact: David Perrin

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